For twenty years, the Magnolia Building, was the tallest building in Dallas; in fact, when built in 1922, it was the tallest building south of Washington, DC. Sitting atop the Magnolia was "The Pegasus," still a symbol of Exxon/Mobil Corp., it was erected by Mobil's predecessor, Magnolia Petroleum Co., for a 1934 oil industry convention.

Magnolia Building

Actually, there are two horses up there - back to back. Some have said this was done so that no one could call Dallas a "one-horse" town.

Back then, motorists claimed the blazing red lights could be seen from over 50 miles away. Over the years the flying red horse came to be adopted as the city's unofficial logo. But, it has acquired a new meaning as well, in 1976 the Flying Red Horse was given to the city.

It had not glowed since 1997 and had not rotated for almost 25 years. After a $600,000 restoration, The Pegasus, our "Flying Red Horse" was relit and greeted the new Millennium, January 1, 2000, the same day our website went up.

Along with the dazzling lights of the Dallas skyline, it is the unique signature of a unique city, Dallas, Texas, USA!

Pegasus' birth from adversity is a symbol of what is possible if feats are met head on. And the Myth of Pegasus is what is so powerful for Dallas. It continues to rise out of impossible odds, embracing new oppositions and new imagination.

Pegasus Flyers Inline Skate Club feel that this is the perfect symbol as we try to get the laws changed and as we bring organized inline group skating to Dallas, Texas.