Reasons To Inline Skate

Fun like you have never had before
How could it not be fun? Remember when you were a child & got your first pair of roller skates? The whole world suddenly opened up to you. Even if your mom would not let you off the bumpy pavement you still felt like you were king of the road. You can have that feeling back again. Mercury had wings on his ankles & was messenger of the gods. Now you can have wheels on your feet & once again taste the freedom you maybe forgot.  Now that you are grown up you can venture off the pavement & roll with it.

Friendly fun & skate dates
Whether it is just you & a best friend on a remote trail or bombing through the Dallas on a Tuesday night with a 100 other skaters, inline skating is a great way to celebrate friendship & meet new people. Skating bridges the generation gap & brings families together in a way that is healthier & more meaningful than sitting around the TV.  With over 50 million skaters worldwide, chances are you will not have to go far to find a partner or get involved with the local scene.

Inline skating clears the air
Think globally, skate locally. Imagine a city with no cars, just skaters, cyclists & pedestrians. What would it sound like with only the hum of wheels, shifting gears & shuffling feet to fill your ears? Would it not be nice to breathe clean air? Skating instead of driving is just one way to show Mother Earth that you care. We will not stop till we see these signs marking skate/bicycle lanes everywhere roads run.

A Minnesota hockey player invented Inline skates as an alternative to the brief off-ice season. But the concept quickly caught on as people took to inline skates as a great new means of transportation & recreation. Faster than a flat-footed pedestrian, more maneuverable & pavement-adaptable than a bicycle (& less likely to get stolen), inline skates are the ideal way to get acquainted with a new place, whether you are holiday or just rediscovering the neighborhood from a brand new perspective.

Most people live their lives paying their respects to gravity--they hold handrails, sweat out turbulence on bumpy flights & generally avoid situations where they might fall. Others laugh in gravity's face, fling themselves down 11-foot half-pipes with wild abandon, flip through the air with dizzying contortions & try their best to effect a somewhat graceful landing. It is this latter group to whom we dedicate this page.

Not-so-shocking news
Inline skating, when compared to running, causes less than 50 percent of the impact shock to joints, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Massachusetts, thus demonstrating that inline skating is less harmful to the joints than the higher impact sport of running.

Some people are born to dance. Some are born to skate. Some do both. The one thing dance & freestyle skaters have in common is that no two have the same style. How you move on skates is unique as a fingerprint & just as distinctive to the trained eye. Whether you like to move to salsa, reggae, rock, or the soundtrack in your head, inline skates will put poetry in your motion.

If speed is what you need, inline skates hold the key. Set your self up with some five-wheelers, 80mm each & no brake. Find yourself a nice hill, tuck & you are gone. Of course, you might want to work your way up to this level, especially since speeds upward of 45 mph are pretty common among serious edge heads. Even without going to this extreme, inline skates will get you there almost as fast as a bicycle & a heck of a lot quicker than running.

Let age be no barrier!
If you can walk for extended periods of time without falling down, chances are you have all the balance you will ever need to make it as an inline skater. If you have ever skied or ice skated, chances are you are already there. To be on the safe side, take a lesson with a certified instructor.  Just like riding a bike, once you learn you will never forget.  50 million skaters worldwide cannot all be more coordinated than you. Why not give it a shot? You might just surprise yourself.