The Ready Position

The ready position is the key to learning & surviving the learning process of inline skating,

  • 1. Knees bent (your very own shock absorbers)

  • 2. Upper body flex over toes

  • 3. Nose over toes, eyes ahead - judging terrain

  • 4. Eyes ahead (see correct site picture)

  • 5. Hands out in front - within your field of view

  • 6. Head/ knees/toes in a nice invisible line (see picture), bodyweight over your toes

  • 7. Feet shoulder width apart

  • 8. Toes weighted, weight distribution should be about 50/50

If you are feeling wobbly & unbalanced, check your knees. If they are straight, you are
leaning back too far. Return to the proper ready position to regain your balance.