Parallel Turns


So you have learned how to skate & now you want to turn? Turning is an important part of skating & it is really fun! It will seem quite difficult at first but do not give up, it will come to you. 

Begin by choosing the direction you want to turn. This will seems pretty confusing but I will try to make it more understandable. Now edge both skates until they are parallel by leaning your knees & pointing your toes in the direction of the turn. Now rotate your shoulders to help you complete the move. Make sure you edge properly with the outer edges of your skates. Try to relax as you turn. Finish the turn, maintaining the flow of your movement.

That is it. Try to take it easy learning to turn because it will come to you. It took a while to learn,  but once learnt you will use it all the time because its a great manoeuvre. So relax, just take it easy & persevere.