Just Bought New Skates!
How about taking a lesson? Whether you are a beginner skater
or have been skating for a while you can benefit from a lesson with an IISA Qualified Instructor.

Visit the Qualified Instructor Locator or call Top-Spin Inline Skating School
at (214) 749-4054 for the name & number of a qualified instructor near you.

  • A LESSON is the best way to stop.
    Learn to stop before you start! A Qualified Instructor will show you how to control your roll by explaining how to effectively use your new skates brakes.
  • A LESSON builds confidence.
    Qualified Instructors will help you to gain a basic understanding of the skills involved in inline skating, creating a foundation of solid skills that will increase your confidence on skates.
  • A LESSON is interactive.
    Unlike a video, an instructor can monitor your performance & give specific feedback on what you are doing well & what you need to work on in order to improve.
  • A LESSON provides a model.
    How many times have you asked five people the same question, only to receive five different answers? Lessons from Qualified Instructors guarantee you will develop a consistent framework on which you can build. Instructors not only demonstrate proper technique, but can replicate any problem you might have so you can see differences in body position.
  • A LESSON will allow you to build your skills.
    Once you have got your foundation, learning more advanced skills is much easier. All more difficult skills, whether hockey, racing or floating along like Torville & Dean, are a combination of fundamental skills.
  • A LESSON is fun.
    Gosh, you could be at the gym, staring at yourself in the mirror for an hour, or you could get some fresh air. A lesson is a fun way to grow: it is a new experience, it is healthy & it can be done outdoors while you smell the roses!
  • A LESSON can be social.
    Group lessons are great fun! What a great idea for your partners birthday party, or for a weekly get-together with friends.
  • A LESSON is not just for youngsters
    Whether you are seven or seventy, there is no better way to improve your skating than by taking a lesson. In 1995, 87,000 people over the age of 55 inline skated. A lesson with a Qualified Instructor is the best & safest way to work your way into your new sport.
  • A LESSON is safe
    After learning a few simple skills with your mind at ease, you will soon be doing what you thought you were afraid to. Qualified Instructors endorse the use of full protective equipment & will show you how to fall 'with style' (simulated, of course) & get up using the gear as protection.
  • A LESSON provides focus.
    A Qualified Instructor will help you practice your skills in a fun way. Doing the same thing over & over by yourself may help a bit, but chances are you will get bored & who knows if what you are practicing is right. Practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.
  • LESSONS produce safe skaters.
    Once you have new skills & confidence under your belt, you will be a safer skater, able to maneuver through the streets & trails with control. You will have more fun & enjoy the surroundings or conversation of a friend & the walkers & bikers will be happy that there is one less flailing skater sharing the path!
  • LESSONS produce confident skaters.
    When you are confident & safe, the number of places where you can skate will increase. You will no longer be afraid of tiny hills & curbs. You will end up taking your skates everywhere (great tool for when your car runs out of gas!)
  • LESSONS produce educated skaters.
    A Qualified Instructor will not only teach you to skate better, but also will be able to suggest places to skate, teach you the Rules of the Road, suggest wheels & bearings for the type of skating you do, tell you about inline magazines & introduce you to other skaters for group skates, competitions, or just cruising.
  • There is always more to learn!
    Inline skating offers many area's including racing, hockey, aggressive, fitness, freestyle & skate-to-ski. Lessons will introduce the basics of all these disciplines & one sport can grow into six fun, healthy activities!

Ask your local skate shop for the IISA Qualified Instructor they work with, or call Top-Spin Inline Skate School at (214) 749-4054 for details of an instructor in your area.

It is the best thing you can do to get the value & fun from your skates that you expect!

And Remember To 
Skate 'Slap'