Grass Stop

From a standing position, step onto grass. This will get you comfortable with the change in surface friction as you move from hard top to grass. Also, notice that the grass has some give, it can catch your wheels & slow you down significantly. Enter the grass with your skates scissored at least one foot apart, knees bent to lower the centre of gravity & weight shifted back & to the rear wheels of both skates. Roll to a stop. Grass can be entered at high speeds with practice.

Be very aware of the transition from pavement to grass. You feel much more friction when you hit the grass & it is sudden. If you are prepared, with weight on your support leg, abs tight & shoulders still, you can stay balanced. Avoid being thrown forward when you hit the grass by sitting deeply on to your back leg. The shift in weight to your support (or back) leg is a shift, not a lean. If you lean, you lose your balance. If you have to step up or down over a curb to get to grass, do it from the scissors stance.


Step Onto Grass

Static Mimic Drill
While standing in one place: a) scissor your braking leg forward & shift
your weight to your support leg; b) drop your hips, as if you are starting to
sit down into a chair.

Also see Heel-Brake Stop & Spinstops