Going Backwards

While standing in one place on grass or a carpet, roll your skates back & forth from centre edge to inside edge. This helps you get a feel for the edging you need for backward swizzles. From an inverted V-stance, push your skates out & back on their inside edges, coming back up on centre edge as they come together in a V, heels touching. Stop, then roll forward on inside edges until you return to your original inverted V-stance. Repeat until you are comfortable. Also practice forward swizzles. They help you develop the muscle memory you need to get your backward swizzles going.

Avoid floating your swizzles too wide. It causes you to stall. Keep the bulging part of the hourglass figures your skates create to just beyond shoulder width. As you pull your skates back into the inverted V-stance, resist the urge to lean forward. Instead, focus on feeling the pressure in the arches of your feet. This is your balance check. Make sure you practice your swizzles in a clear area. It is hard to swizzle backward in a straight line when you are new to the skill.

Do not forget to look back as you travel & set a SAFE! speed....

Source: mysportsguru.com